General Finance

Types of Investments

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 01:57 PM

The financial market basically offers two types of investment, fixed income and variable income. Both are quite interesting and should not be discarded by the investor. In Brazil, the fixed income...

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5 Finance Concepts You Need to Learn Now

Posted on June 08, 2018 at 05:44 PM

For any company or franchise to grow sustainably it is necessary to keep in mind the soil where the new fruits will be planted. Of course, original ideas and management and marketing strategies are...

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What is the Financial Market?

Posted on June 08, 2018 at 05:41 PM

General Finance market is, by definition, an environment of buying and selling of securities (stocks, options, bonds), exchange (foreign currencies) and commodities (gold, agricultural products). In...

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